Monday, July 30, 2007

Be Quiet, And Do The Fearless Thing

Today, a very special message was given to me as both, confirmation and a reiteration. Many times when problems, challenges and life's trial show up, we tend to talk about them, moan and complain to everyone and everything that will listen. When this happens, we are literally binding ourselves to that situation, condition or person.

I had a very dear client of mine call today and she stated, "money is tight." I immediately (after earing her out) said to her, "you are giving life to your situation and you are binding it to your experience." When we learn to keep quiet about our experiences, and do the fearless work that needs to be done, we can witness doors opening, opportunities coming, and money will start to show up! Suddenly your ship will come in over stormy seas.

We are all learning to keep quiet, and to do the fearless thing.

Tamir Qadree

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