Friday, July 20, 2007

It Suddenly Hit Me!

I Feel Like James Brown, "HIT ME!"

I have been challenged over the last few months in huge ways, emotional, physical, mental and spiritually. Yet I have managed to (Cheerfully) perform my duties, and obligations on task and on time. I was asked by one of my good coaching clients, "how do you keep your energy so high?" I told her that, "the thing about me is balance." Then suddenly it hit me!

I have found that balance has kept me going in the turbulent times in my life. Although I did not know, nor did I understand it then. The key to what I do is being able to stop on a dime, and shift my thinking. That is king! What we think is what we drink! So, "what are you drinking?"

When I calm down and balance my energy, by meditation, prayer and affirmations, I feel lighter, more delightful and sure of my mental, spiritual, physical and my financial life. I find it wonderful beyond expression to take the time to be with myself on a daily basis; many times I do this several times per day. The bottom line is this, "when things get tough, they are only signs of the goods knocking at your door." LET THEM IN!

After every episode or when things seem to go wrong, I have learned that they are actually going right! HIT ME AGAIN!

Tamir Qadree (TQ)

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