Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Do We Really Want Out of Life?

This is a question that is the key in lasting happiness, wealth, joy and any success. When I discovered "what I truly wanted or desired," I felt such a strong relief. Life can be overwhelming, but not because it is overwhelming, but because we create those kind of circumstances and conditions.

What I want most of all is the love, joy, happiness and peace of mind that only God can give. I realize that all the success, money, fame, family and things are all a way of asking for more of the Creator, or God in my life. That is what I really want and desire. I know that I can have both! Why not have soul purpose, spiritual awareness and the material comforts too?

The difference in my approach is that, "I seek the Creator," or God first, and all things come from that core of my seeking. And since God is everything, (As I See It) I feel satisfied in going to the source first, instead of chasing the gift, while essentially ignoring the great GIVER.

Tamir Qadree


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