Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Game of Esteem

The Game of Esteem

Value, and recognition of that intrinsic value, is the name of the game. When we recognize and accept the fact that, “esteem” is the deepest craving in the human being and probably the most powerful; things take on a different meaning when the esteem of self is healthy and sound. It is your self-esteem that will move you from one place in life to another, provided that you are thriving to grow and achieve.

Esteem is vital to life itself and, that is why finding your true life calling is essential in life. What brings you the greatest since of worth, value and make you feel good about you? What have you been dreaming of and thinking of all of your life? What are you good at? What is that something special in you that people from different places have told you that you are natural or good at? There is something that has flashed across your mind, and you know that it is your calling, but, you have probably ignored it.

After so many years of denial and saying, “I don’t know,” your calling becomes more difficult to recognize. Do you know why? Remember that, that subconscious is power without direction; whatever you speak to it consciously will be impressed upon it; it will carry out your every command! After you have made a habit of ignoring your intuition, or hunches about your calling, “your subconscious mind” (with your consent) has erased the notion and, that special thing from your immediate memory.

Since your calling is, “your God given purpose,” it cannot be obliterated from your mind altogether. A calling or a purpose can be hidden, and it can be distorted in your mind; you have the power to summon your life calling and it will come to you with blinding speed! The esteem, in which you hold yourself, must be strong and healthy. Those who have learned to love who they are; those who have come to appreciate the value in others, can attain the poise that will attract their life purpose to them. Whatever one seeks, seek him also! If you seek inspiration, you will be spirited, if you seek love, you will receive love, and if you seek God, you will see God in all things, and most importantly in your self. If you seek to learn and develop a healthy dose of Esteem, you will have self-esteem and you will have achieved greatness.

Achieve greatness through Self Esteem, and you will pass an invisible boundary; the laws of the universe will unfold right before your eyes. People will come into your life; things will happen, and assistance will never cease. Some of the same people you know today, that you thought did not see your calling, will be the first to do whatever you ask! This is not some flowery rhetoric; “I am experiencing this as I write this!” Healthy esteem says, “I AM,” therefore, “I Can and I Will.” It needs no outside sanctions, because it does the sanctioning! It needs no world council of elders or masters to approve it; “it is the council and the world; it is the Master, and IT IS THE UNIVERSE, IT IS THE CENTER!”

When your esteem reaches this level of assurance and certainty, that is when you have elevated to the realization of “I AM.” “I AM,” IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF HUMAN REALIZATION. All things are manifested for you and all things adore you. Why? Because “I AM “says, “ I AM at one, I am harmonizing with everything, therefore, I AM, I EXIST, “I.”

Tamir Qadree

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