Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Do I Spell Relief?

When I look at my life and everything in it, I realize that "It's all on me." I asked for everything I have gotten, "the good, the seemingly bad and the supposedly ugly." All people, conditions, places and situations are my teachers; they assist in literally, "Kicking me forward." towards my dreams and goals. Isn't that a relieving thought? That means that no matter what happens, I am still in charge and can elect to change what I do not desire in my life. But that's true with all of us.

When I get or feel uneasy, I have learned to relax, not to fight the feeling, but to learn from it and to allow myself to feel the full range of my emotions. After all, "where there is no motion, there can be no life." Those (E) motions are the inner guides that let me know how I am doing. I use to pride myself on being upbeat all the time. Now I say, "to heck with that." I deserve to feel what I feel, and to learn from it. I have learned that, "what you run from, only comes back another day." I have decided to deal instead of putting my head in some corner and pretending that nothing bothers me. Actually, when I began facing and honoring my feelings, there is no pretending, no bothereing, but only appreciating the lessons that those (so called) down moment bring me. That is an emotional relief.

So, "How do I spell relief?"

Answer: H O N O R M Y F E E L I N G S

Tamir Qadree (TQ)

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