Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Heat Is On

When it is hot, (outside or inside) things are cooking, cooking, cooking and sometimes they are boiling! What is the boiling point and why do we need one? Boiling points are often necessary to burn off the dross or the stuff that needs shredding from our reality, so that we can experience the new growth. Heat often symbolizes a chemicalization process where things are changing, growing, moving and creating newness. When "The Heat Is On" you can rest assured that something good is about to happen, because that is the nature of heat. What happens depends on what you think, say and do. This is always the case and there are no exceptions to the rule. While prospecting, and closing, it often gets really hot and sweaty. Just remember, the next time that you are prospecting or closing, "you actually want to feel the heat!" Once you embrace the heat, you can add "r" and you will have more HEART.


Tamir Qadree

"The Dean of Dynamic Results"


Monday, July 30, 2007

Be Quiet, And Do The Fearless Thing

Today, a very special message was given to me as both, confirmation and a reiteration. Many times when problems, challenges and life's trial show up, we tend to talk about them, moan and complain to everyone and everything that will listen. When this happens, we are literally binding ourselves to that situation, condition or person.

I had a very dear client of mine call today and she stated, "money is tight." I immediately (after earing her out) said to her, "you are giving life to your situation and you are binding it to your experience." When we learn to keep quiet about our experiences, and do the fearless work that needs to be done, we can witness doors opening, opportunities coming, and money will start to show up! Suddenly your ship will come in over stormy seas.

We are all learning to keep quiet, and to do the fearless thing.

Tamir Qadree

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Do I Spell Relief?

When I look at my life and everything in it, I realize that "It's all on me." I asked for everything I have gotten, "the good, the seemingly bad and the supposedly ugly." All people, conditions, places and situations are my teachers; they assist in literally, "Kicking me forward." towards my dreams and goals. Isn't that a relieving thought? That means that no matter what happens, I am still in charge and can elect to change what I do not desire in my life. But that's true with all of us.

When I get or feel uneasy, I have learned to relax, not to fight the feeling, but to learn from it and to allow myself to feel the full range of my emotions. After all, "where there is no motion, there can be no life." Those (E) motions are the inner guides that let me know how I am doing. I use to pride myself on being upbeat all the time. Now I say, "to heck with that." I deserve to feel what I feel, and to learn from it. I have learned that, "what you run from, only comes back another day." I have decided to deal instead of putting my head in some corner and pretending that nothing bothers me. Actually, when I began facing and honoring my feelings, there is no pretending, no bothereing, but only appreciating the lessons that those (so called) down moment bring me. That is an emotional relief.

So, "How do I spell relief?"

Answer: H O N O R M Y F E E L I N G S

Tamir Qadree (TQ)

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Friday, July 20, 2007

It Suddenly Hit Me!

I Feel Like James Brown, "HIT ME!"

I have been challenged over the last few months in huge ways, emotional, physical, mental and spiritually. Yet I have managed to (Cheerfully) perform my duties, and obligations on task and on time. I was asked by one of my good coaching clients, "how do you keep your energy so high?" I told her that, "the thing about me is balance." Then suddenly it hit me!

I have found that balance has kept me going in the turbulent times in my life. Although I did not know, nor did I understand it then. The key to what I do is being able to stop on a dime, and shift my thinking. That is king! What we think is what we drink! So, "what are you drinking?"

When I calm down and balance my energy, by meditation, prayer and affirmations, I feel lighter, more delightful and sure of my mental, spiritual, physical and my financial life. I find it wonderful beyond expression to take the time to be with myself on a daily basis; many times I do this several times per day. The bottom line is this, "when things get tough, they are only signs of the goods knocking at your door." LET THEM IN!

After every episode or when things seem to go wrong, I have learned that they are actually going right! HIT ME AGAIN!

Tamir Qadree (TQ)

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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Magic of Release

When I just release the past memories as hurt, unforgiveness, regrets, jealousy and envy, I grow! Things start to happen, things start to appear; things that I have always desired to manifest into my life start to show up!

I see past events as lessons, schooling and a chance to grow, change and become better, to become the best.

Sometimes, we must simply relax, sit back, take a deep breath and allow life to work. I believe that any delay in what I desire to achieve or accomplish in life, has been a direct result of my own interference. I have always gotten in my "own way." Is this true of you also? Learn to get out of the way, thereby creating a clear pathway to your life dreams and goals. It's fun, refreshing, soothing and the most joyous feeling that I have ever had. Try it! I am proud to say that, "I am out of my own way." I THANK GOD!

Tamir Qadree

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Law of Growth

Today, while sitting in meditation, it suddenly struck me that, "I must allow for the Law of Growth," in my life. Most of my life I have been in a hurry, chasing, hustling, making haste and ending up confused. All of this was for a good reason, and I honor and appreciate my past. All things serve the higher good. But, "I have not always felt this way."

I have learned to wait, to be patient and to allow for Growth! Just like the seed in the ground requires time, sunlight, water and wind to Grow, "SO DO I, AND SO DO YOU!" The things that I have wanted in my life that did not materialize when I wanted them too, were for my higher good. Had some of my desires manifested 5 years ago, "I would have lost it all and destroyed many good relationships." Or, a number of other undesirable things could have happened.

Why? Because I was not firmly rooted in the soil of life, in my inner being. The Law of Growth does it's perfect work while we trust in the Creator. I am delighted today to know that, "All my good is forth coming, all I have to do is to allow it." It is harvest time! I am the farmer, I am the reaper of rich, abundant, prosperous rewards in all areas and aspects of my life.

Tamir Qadree

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Giver, The Receiver

In my personal journey, it has dawned upon me that this whole thing called life hinges on two things that are the same thing!

Those two things are Giving and Receiving... It is my realization that life is a game of Giving and Receiving. Most people don't understand the Receiving aspect. One (Giving and Receiving) without the other is like rain, without the wetness, or ice cubes without the cold.

When it suddenly struck me that Receiving is just as important as Giving and Giving is Just as important as Receiving, "The doors of heaven opened for me in all areas of my life." I feel free, joyous and delighted that I can Give from the core of my heart and Receive into my heart and bank account also. You don't have to choose between the two, because the two go hand in hand, and are inseparable. So, "I exhort you to Give cheerfully, Receive gladly, act as if you deserve it, and enjoy it all!

Tamir Qadree

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