Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Beloved

This is dedicated to my hero and dear beloved dad.
I thank you for instilling in me unconditional love for life, family, children self and most of all, "Love for the Great ALL or God." You have been the rock, the lamb, the tender beat of love in my heart even before my inception. Although I did not realize it then, I know NOW that, “No man is my friend nor enemy,” but every man is my teacher.
Dear Beloved Father, “You taught me well, your mission is well done, therefore I salute you with the peace that only the Great ALL or God can give.”

Love is "The Law" of the universe that never fails to heal hearts, wounds and brighten up the gloomiest day. The power of love is the most awesome power in the universe, because love is God, and God is Love!

Animals are full of love and joy. They never complain, get disrespectful, act unappreciative nor ungrateful for all there is. They radiate love, happiness and delight naturally, quietly and effortlessly flowing with the will of the Great ALL or God.

What do I mean by “My Beloved?” My Beloved means, “Be Love” accept love, and “My” means, “I love me.” With that meaning, it is evident that self love is the first and greatest law. As one great one said before me, The Great Nazarene, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is the “As yourself” part, that most people either forget, or just do not understand.

Tamir Qadree,


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