Thursday, May 17, 2007


Everywhere I turn, someone is offering me something. I am often receiving phone calls from people who present to me what they want, and then they attempt to sale me on the idea that I am missing out or making a bad decision if I don't want what they are offering. This is strange and comical to me in light of the fact that, none of these (so called) professionals have ever asked me, "what I want."

I love selling and I believe that sales makes the world go around. However, I learned from my dear, late great mentor (Dottie Walters) that, the word sales comes from a root that means "Service." Service to whom? It means service to others! Now, I would like to ask you just one question, and that is, "How can anyone service me or you without asking what we want first?" Amateurs! Amateurs! Amateurs!

These people who approach me are not the average amateur; they are the scary ones, the ones that call themselves professionals, professional marketers, business professionals, life coaches and so on. Some even have degrees and so on. Many sales professionals have, "commission breath!" What they are really saying when they approach you is, "I am hungry, will you be my next meal or my dessert?"

There product my be good, but I like to be respected and to know that my best interest is at hand in all dealings. One piece of advice, "show interest in what others want, and provide that to them" and you will be a remarkable salesperson.

Tamir Qadree


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