Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happiness, and Faith

Today, it suddenly dawned upon the corridors of my mind, body and soul that, "I am HAPPY, and that I am not alone." I felt a surge of goodness deep down inside my body. I felt relaxed and easy with an assurance that all is well, all is good.

I am HAPPY because I am one of a kind, and there can be no other. I am HAPPY because my mind, body and soul dances when I am HAPPY. I am HAPPY because I am grateful for what I have, what I have accomplished and for all that I have been. I am happy, happy, and even happier! I have FAITH! Not some religious faith, but a spiritual KNOWINGNESS that, "all that I desire and require" is already accomplished in the "unseen substance."

My FAITH liberates me from the burden of thinking and believing that I must be, do and have the things that I desire, all alone. I know that I am good. This is the FAITH and HAPPINESS that permeates my being NOW.

Tamir Qadree

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