Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Giver, The Receiver

In my personal journey, it has dawned upon me that this whole thing called life hinges on two things that are the same thing!

Those two things are Giving and Receiving... It is my realization that life is a game of Giving and Receiving. Most people don't understand the Receiving aspect. One (Giving and Receiving) without the other is like rain, without the wetness, or ice cubes without the cold.

When it suddenly struck me that Receiving is just as important as Giving and Giving is Just as important as Receiving, "The doors of heaven opened for me in all areas of my life." I feel free, joyous and delighted that I can Give from the core of my heart and Receive into my heart and bank account also. You don't have to choose between the two, because the two go hand in hand, and are inseparable. So, "I exhort you to Give cheerfully, Receive gladly, act as if you deserve it, and enjoy it all!

Tamir Qadree


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