Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Heat Is On

When it is hot, (outside or inside) things are cooking, cooking, cooking and sometimes they are boiling! What is the boiling point and why do we need one? Boiling points are often necessary to burn off the dross or the stuff that needs shredding from our reality, so that we can experience the new growth. Heat often symbolizes a chemicalization process where things are changing, growing, moving and creating newness. When "The Heat Is On" you can rest assured that something good is about to happen, because that is the nature of heat. What happens depends on what you think, say and do. This is always the case and there are no exceptions to the rule. While prospecting, and closing, it often gets really hot and sweaty. Just remember, the next time that you are prospecting or closing, "you actually want to feel the heat!" Once you embrace the heat, you can add "r" and you will have more HEART.


Tamir Qadree

"The Dean of Dynamic Results"


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