Monday, June 11, 2007

The Magic of Release

When I just release the past memories as hurt, unforgiveness, regrets, jealousy and envy, I grow! Things start to happen, things start to appear; things that I have always desired to manifest into my life start to show up!

I see past events as lessons, schooling and a chance to grow, change and become better, to become the best.

Sometimes, we must simply relax, sit back, take a deep breath and allow life to work. I believe that any delay in what I desire to achieve or accomplish in life, has been a direct result of my own interference. I have always gotten in my "own way." Is this true of you also? Learn to get out of the way, thereby creating a clear pathway to your life dreams and goals. It's fun, refreshing, soothing and the most joyous feeling that I have ever had. Try it! I am proud to say that, "I am out of my own way." I THANK GOD!

Tamir Qadree

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